Conquering Your Giants – a Beatbox Message

Ever feel like you are not in a place where you can get the Word out?  Too shy to verbally speak it? Worried that people may never hear about Jesus Christ?  HERE is one way to do your part: WATCH this video, “Conquering Your Giants,” by xSTAYTRUEx Ministries Trevor Heyd, then SHARE it everywhere you can – facebook, tumblr, pinterest, twitter, instagram, google+, email, your blog – anywhere and everywhere you  can imagine, and YOU will be telling people about Jesus! PRAY for those whose lives you might touch by doing this one, small thing!

Trevor Heyd is my youngest son.  He has spent his entire life serving God to the very best of his ability. He took a stand at an early age, determined to live in a way that would please Him, no matter what.  He has earned a degree in Christian Ministries from Indiana Wesleyan University, went on to be ordained by the Wesleyan Church International, and founded xSTAYTRUEx Ministries, where he travels world-wide to share the Gospel of Christ through beatboxing, skateboarding and speaking mainly to teens and young adults and sometimes children and older adults.  His unique way to speak in a way that shows his love and commitment to the things of God shines through as soon as he begins to interact.  you may check more of what he does at

Thank you for taking a couple of seconds out of your life to read this and then pass on the message above.  You never regret what you do for the sake of the Kingdom!

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