Post_Foods_Post_Selects_Blueberry_Morning_Nutritional_Information_ChartSo there is only one cereal that I like.  There is only one that I buy for myself.  I have never liked breakfast, but know that it is important to eat before going to work.  After years of struggling with this I found a cereal called, “Blueberry Morning,” by Post.  Yuuuummmmmmy! I really got into enjoying this morning ritual and no matter the rising cost, have kept it as one of my little treats. One day, while shopping, horror of horrors, it was not on the shelf!  In its place was some kind of grain cereal.  Oh, they packaged the new box up all nice and pretty, but where, oh, where was MY cereal? I moved things around, went up and down the cereal aisle a few times, just to make sure that it was NO LONGER!  But, “ah,” I thought, “it will be back next week – they are just sold out.  After all, I buy it regularly from this very store.” Alas, it has not yet returned to its spot.  The, “new,” replacement is still there…

Have you ever found something that you really loved, only to suddenly not have it anymore?  I miss my Blueberry Morning.  Maybe you miss a relationship you were in.  Maybe something you had cherished got broken and is no more.

Like everything, we have a tendency to take the new, joyful, tasty things in life, get all excited about them, but slowly, gradually, they get taken for granted.  In some cases, they are taken from us, in others it is an accident where it, (your favorite mug), is broken, but other times, it is our fault, or at least a shared fault.

Do you remember when you first asked Christ into your heart, the clean feeling He gave you, the joy and happiness, the excitement that came along with that decision?  It was life changing. Just like any relationship, it started out beautifully, yet over time, that precious relationship may have dimmed and become taken for granted, slowly losing its flavor.  What happened?

There is a couple who has been fighting to keep the wife alive as the cancer just keeps spreading and all of the treatments take a massive toll on her body.  They have learned what is important and how to keep first things first, how to savor the little things – a touch, a glance, closeness.  It’s what we forget to do in our busyness as life goes on – we think that everything will continue on as before, but as time goes by, the sparkle goes out of her eyes, the loving words turn to sharpness and criticism and time spent apart becomes a desire no one should ever want!  The next thing you know, your favorite cereal is missing from the shelf!

What to do?  Remember that special item that got broken, the one you treasured? Go spend some time finding an item that will purposely replace the item that was broken, so that every time you see it,  (or in my case, drink from it), you will remember that it has meaning to you.  I’m no marriage counselor, but you’re no dummy – think back to how you felt when you first fell in love, the things that you did for the other one, where their every word was important, a touch, a glance was a thrill – and go get it back!

Joel 2:25

25 The Lord says, “I will give you back the years the locusts have eaten—

Psalm 51:12

12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation
and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

And, by the way, I found my cereal in the one and only store in town that still has some on their shelves – I bought 3 boxes! (I may go clean them out!)

First Love

 You’ve fallen away

Lost your first love

The Love of other things

stole your heart far from me

You don’t know when it happened

You don’t know how

But your love for me’s not what it used to be

And you wonder what’s been wrong

You’ve fallen away

Lost your first love

The fire’s gone

Do you see how far your heart is from me?

I’ll tell you when it happened

I’ll tell you how

The love of this world became your only love

’till the love for me was gone



Gotta get it back

Our love for you

For every heart that’s been so cold

It’s time to ask forgiveness for

Letting go of you our Lord

Lord don’t let us stay

The same way we’ve always been

Send fire, light us up for you


Verse 2

You’re neither hot or cold

Lost your first love

How long until you decide where your heart truly lies?

Those that claim to love me

Choose to obey

You need to know my Word, pick up your cross

come and follow me

I’ll be with you



I believe you died for me

I believe you set me free

I receive you now as Lord and Saviour

Forgive the sins from all my days,

Forgiven now by your Grace

I thank you Jesus for my Salvation

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