Blood and Guts

The panicked call came – my son had sliced open his knee and it was bleeding and gaping open.  As we talked about how to care for it, memories came sweeping into my mind.  As a little girl, cuts and such were a chance to use Merthiolate.  This was exceptionally cool for a child, because it had a small paddle like applicator inside, and it was a bright pink.  When left alone,  I could find all kinds of little scrapes to apply it to, until one day I came out and my Mom saw me covered with bright, pink places all over my face, arms and legs!  That stuff took a few days to wear/wash off, too.  I, however, thought it was the heal-all medication – just applying it was not only soothing, but beautifying, too 🙂

Having raised 3 sons, I’ve seen a bit of that over the years – scraped knees from every indoor rambunctiousness to outdoor playing; swelbows (swollen, egg-shaped elbow injuries) and sprained ankles from my skateboarder son, which ended up in emergency rooms to make sure nothing was wrong;  broken arm; broken teeth, and one of the worst ever – a mishap on the school bus which caused a deep gash in the head of one son.  Boys throw things, wrestle each other over the slightest things, are rough and tumble kids!  We actually did pretty great, considering all of this took place over their entire growing up years. Broken or injured hearts were harder to deal with than the physical bumps or bruises.  It is always hard for a mom to see her children hurt.

Halloween is the season for blood and guts. Many people go all out, trying to see who can out-gross the other one for the goriest costume, the scariest haunted house or the creepiest music, wafting out over the neighborhood during trick or treat time.  Some love to watch scary movies, and stores stock the shelves with movies about vampires, ghosts and gore – all aimed at scaring.  For some reason, the more blood and guts, the better!

It all reminds me of the One who gave His blood for us.  He was beaten to a pulp, a crown of thorns crammed into His skull, a rough, wooden cross weighing down into His beaten flesh as He carried it the distance.  He bore the indignity and horror of being spread naked on that cross, blood dripping down as spikes were hammered into his hands and feet, and took the penalty for our sins as He died for us. His name – Jesus.  His message – “This Blood’s for You.”

Maybe as you go through this Halloween season, the blood and guts will take on a new meaning for you as you choose to celebrate the One who makes anyone’s fake blood seem incomparable to what the meaning of what His blood means for you!

1 John 1:7

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.

1 Peter 2:24

24 Christ carried the burden
of our sins.
He was nailed to the cross,
so that we would stop sinning
and start living right.
By his cuts and bruises
you are healed.

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One Response to Blood and Guts

  1. Dorothy Downey says:

    Barb, I just now found this on my computer–that’s how far behind I am! It is so good, and so true! Thanks for writing it! Good job as usual! A.D.

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