A Mother’s Day Tribute to my Sister

My sister has always been someone that I look up to.  You see, I grew up with her and know her well.  This is my Mother’s Day tribute to the best sister there could possibly be!

My sister is a devoted wife, still so much in love with her husband after all of these years; a fabulous mom, always there for her children, when they were young and now, while they are raising their own families; and a wonderful sister to my brothers and to me.  From a young age, she set her heart on things above, learning the discipline of time alone with God in order to keep her relationship with Him first and foremost in her life. She set the bar high, teaching me by example in all of these things.  I have watched her enter each chapter of her life ahead of me, showing me how it’s done, without saying a word.

My sister is talented beyond belief – everything she touches turns golden!  Being a former missionary and currently a pastor’s wife, no matter where they have lived, she  turned their house into a home, knowing the perfect way to make it a haven for her family and all who enter.  As young girls, our Mom taught us how to sew, embroidery, cross stitch, etc – where I failed miserably, my sister excelled!  She has learned new crafts and hobbies all along her journey.  I cannot tell you how many recipes she has shared with me, or how she  helped teach me how to bake. (Her chocolate frosting is to-die-for, and is still one of my favorites!)

Nothing stops her – she went back to school after starting her family, and finished her degree.  She has unlimited enthusiasm for her job, letting her creative mind flow.

She is a pet lover – growing up, we had all kinds of animals, including chickens.  She would name each chicken, and even though she got mad at the ones who were mean to the others, she cared for them faithfully. She shed many a tear for our dogs that died.  Many an animal has been fortunate to have her as their, “Mom.”

We spent hours as kids, cutting out paper dolls from old Sears catalogs that our Grandma saved for us.  And, yes, it was my sister who came up with the idea on how to draw our own paper dolls when we lived overseas and had no catalogs to choose from!  I’m not sure whose house this was, but you can see the catalogs on the floor, and we are worn out from, “choosing,” our people!!!  What fun memories, and what a great, big sister for playing with me!

My sister has such a caring, tender heart.  She called one time to talk about some of the new ideas she had for Welcome Baskets for new people at church – she was doing it all herself – the baking, the wrapping, the delivering, wanting to let them know that she cared.  Countless meals or a pie, quickly whipped up has been taken to someone to let them know she was thinking of them.  Birthday gifts, so thoughtful in nature, have arrived over all the years.  Always thinking of others…

She has been the big sister in our family, always loving, always encouraging, always supportive of everything that is going on in our lives.  She shares our joy and our sorrow, and faithfully prays for each of us.  She cannot just be around others – she gets involved in their lives, caring about them, praying for them.  She is the real deal – the genuine article – the very best of the best!

She was Daddy’s little girl – the first child in the family, the one who formed a bond beyond breaking.  She adored him, and spent her life loving him.  I had gone to help take care of Dad as he was dying.  One day, we noticed that my sister was nowhere to be found.  I found her out on the front porch, crying her heart out, not able to handle the pain of losing him.  Even though it was such a difficult time, she was faithful to be there and see him through until the end, not only for his sake, but for Mom’s, too.

Time has passed and my sister is now a grandma to three of the cutest kids on the planet!  They love her dearly, always excited to go to Grandma’s house, and never wanting to leave.  These little ones are already learning some precious life lessons from their Grandma – lessons I have learned throughout my life from her.

My siblings and I have a common, high regard for our Mother. Our Mom is beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, caring, good at crafts, devoted to God, a woman of prayer, to mention just a few of her attributes.  It is no wonder that my sister is the kind of person she is, when she learned it all from our Mother!  When Dad died, it was my sister who stepped in to helped Mom through – visiting, calling, caring.  She has always tried to spend Mom’s birthdays and special holidays with her when she can.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Maybe you will recognize some of these traits in your own mom, your own sister, your own aunt.  Instead of keeping them inside, share them now, letting them know how much they are loved and appreciated.

From my heart, Sis, I love you – I am so thankful for you!  God put a special touch on you when He created you, and I am glad to be a part of your life.

More Than Just My Sister

My sister,
You’ve always been a guiding light
As I’ve experienced
The ups and downs of life

You’ve been a source of strength
When I couldn’t find my own
And when I felt lost
You reminded me, as long as there is you
I will never be alone

You always have a patient heart
And more than enough time to spare
When I need someone to listen
Or to know someone does care

You always know the right thing to say
When I need sound advice
And the right thing to do
When I’m faced with decisions in my life

You’re been such an important part
Of everything I do
And I just want to say thank you
For being more than just my sister
But for being you

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10 Responses to A Mother’s Day Tribute to my Sister

  1. mom says:

    Wow Barb, you really said it all. I really miss my mom this week. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. David Downey says:

    Wow Barb! It is not just how well you write; it is how well you love. But, I agree in all cases, and was priveliged to be allowed to help craft all those paper dolls!

    • We were/are a blessed family! And, hey – thanks for helping in something that we played with for ages. I’d forgotten about that, ha! I would play with those paper dolls for so long that Dad would come to my room and say, “Go outside and get some fresh air!!!” Memories…

  3. Lynn McMonigal says:

    What a nice note!

  4. Elayne says:

    Que linda homenagem Barbara, fiquei EMOCIONADA!!

  5. Nichole Labadie says:

    I hope that one day my own sister feels that way about me.

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