Out of the Closet

Things you don’t talk about; things kept private.  Some things are just meant to be that way.  Others are meant to share.

Matthew 6:6

But you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly.

There are places to pray openly and in public, and then, there is your, “Prayer Closet.”  A place meant for solitude, non-interruption, and privacy.  Most of the time, I follow that guideline.  However, lately, there have been a lot of distractions in my life, and prayer time has suffered.  I’ve been working on creative ways to get it back to where it should be, so today I am coming out of the closet to share with any of you who may have the same trouble right now.  Below are just four of the ways I use to help jump start my prayer life – these are all on the go styles, but can be deep and rewarding when entered into seriously.

Shower Curtain: 

One day it occurred to me to use my world map shower curtain as a prayer list.  It can remind me, (and anyone else who uses that room,) to pray for those around the world and at home.  I am trying a new system, using printed off names covered in contact paper, so that they can be changed out as prayer needs change, and if they fall off into a wet shower, they won’t be ruined.


My job requires a lot of time on the road, so I try to use the longer, uninterrupted trips for prayer time. This can require more concentration on those around you for safety, but at the same time, instead of playing the radio all of the time, I use it to pray for others.


This is a favorite hobby of mine!  But, oh, how the weeds and grasses love to grow!!  So, I spend a lot of time out there.  Sometimes, I’ll have music playing while I weed, but most of the time I just like the quiet, listening to the sounds of nature as I work.  And, I pray.  This is probably where I spend most of my intense prayer time.  I can cry, I can laugh as I meditate and pray for what is going on in the lives of those I care about – it is precious time alone with God!  It’s my prayer closet even while the plants surround me and I cannot be seen.  Try it!


Most of the time, I use my Swiffer Steam cleaner on my kitchen floor, but today I felt that it required an intimate session together, just my Mr. Clean sponge, Spic n Span and working my knees across the floor.  As I began, I looked at all of those linoleum squares and thought, “Wow!  Each one of those could be a square to pray for someone on my list!”  I decided to try it, and got my Wipe Off marker out and went to town.  Of course, I found out quickly that I needed waaaay more than one square of cleaning time for most of them, but it worked!  Quite a few people/things were prayed over this morning in a precious way – who knew?!  I liked it so much, that I may clean my kitchen floor more frequently that way!

Before we get discouraged and end up only praying in a, “here and there,” fashion, get creative, and find ways to help get you into a mode of praying that will bless you and bless others.

As I was finishing up, I had to add a square – “MYSELF.”  I realized that I can pray all around the world and forget that I, myself, need a lot of prayer.  I need to work on things in my life and I desperately need God to help me get there!  It is not selfish to pray for yourself – it is top priority!

Now that I have shared some of my ideas with you about ways that my Prayer Closet moves around, maybe you would like to comment back so that others can take inspiration from ways that you pray.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

16 Always be joyful 17 and never stop praying. 18 Whatever happens, keep thanking God because of Jesus Christ. This is what God wants you to do.

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One Response to Out of the Closet

  1. Elayne Carvalho says:

    Realmente são coisas simples, mas com um poder tremendo e eficaz. Obrigada por me alertar nessa área. Vejo que posso fazer muito mais…E vou praticar! Deus continue te usando…

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