Let me Love Your Body

“Aw, let me love your body!”  As I pulled up to the stoplight, the music from the guy’s big truck wafted through the open windows into my car.  The phrase repeated over and over.  At first, I was really upset that my ears would have to hear things like that – that there is no censorship to what blasts out on the wind waves, words that create all kinds of thoughts in our minds, leading people into the subtle belief that it is fine to do just what the lyrics state.

As I turned the corner and headed out on a curving, country road, I realized how much times had changed – there would have been a time where that kind of thing would have been atrocious, considered raw and outrageously inappropriate.  I love the show, “The Big Valley,” an old western on tv.  One episode that illustrates this point well was when the mayor, the sheriff and a town councilman decided on-the-spot what to add to the handwritten book of laws and regulations, to keep their town from behaviors that didn’t suit them!  Some of them were humorous, yet it got the point across.

Winding along down the road, the verse from Philippians 4:8 came to my mind –

Philippians 4:8

 8 Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

There isn’t much of this going on in today’s world! There is a lot of fixin’ our thoughts on things that are none of these.  You hear parents yelling at their kids for foul language, when the kids get it from their parents; you see people at work trying to get by with whatever they can, instead of working to the fullest of their ability; society is full of pornography – not only the hard stuff that wrecks marriages and families, but soft porn, watched on tv, seen at the movies, displayed on magazine pages until we become immunized to its effects; fidelity in relationships or marriages is thrown out the window – after all, if it’s kept hidden, it’s ok, right?; violence in video games, movies, loss of life taken lightly – we are honoring the horrors that our military face on a regular basis – things that mess with their heads for the rest of their lives; bodies are thrown from one lover to the other for instant gratification; babies are ripped from their mother’s womb, deemed an inconvenience from a sexual act that most likely should not have taken place anyhow; deceit is prevalent all around as times are hard and people fear for their survival, yet refuse to let God handle it all; lying is used to get us out of anything we don’t want to deal with; rage runs rampant from the highways to our homes.  The list goes on and on….

Where is the honor?  Where is the purity?  Where is the truth? Who is lovely?  Who can we admire?  Where, where?

My realization came as I drove:  I, too, have the right to play my music!  I leaned over, turned on the stereo in the car, and filled the world around me with, “Love is a Miracle,” by Delirious:

You see, the world is rotten – it always has been since sin entered the lovely world God created.  Yet He didn’t leave us here in the middle of all of the rottenness without HOPE!  Love IS a miracle!  For every rotten lyric that is wafted out, you can replace it with good ones and share it on the wind with others; for every rotten word spoken to you or around you, a soft answer or sweet smile can change attitudes; when your heart is shattered by hurtful things done to you, you can pick up the pieces with God’s help; when you see inappropriate things that are seared into your brain, you can replace it with good things and by asking God to take the bad images from you.  We may live here, but we don’t have to be part of it!  Each one of us can change our own piece of the world just by the fact that, “Love is a Miracle,” and that LOVE took our disease!

Love is where you abide,
It sees every side,
It crosses the great divide.

Love took hold of my hand
And taught me to walk
It’s time now to make a stand.

So come along with me!  Let’s make a stand for what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Make a difference in your world!

Love is a Miracle – Delirious

Love, pulled me up off my knees,
Took all my disease,
You’ve always been there for me.

Love put shoes on my feet,
Took a song made it sweet,
You always had ears for me.

You’ve given me everything,
Love of my life
Forever I’ll sing that

Love is a Miracle oh, oh,
Love is a Miracle,
Your mercy catches me when I fall,
Love is such a miracle.

Love is where you abide,
It sees every side,
It crosses the great divide.

Love took hold of my hand
And taught me to walk
It’s time now to make a stand.

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