I Think I’m Gonna Throw Up

My husband has never been very comfortable around babies or young children.  As a pastor, the only time he will hold them is for baby dedication.  It’s not that he doesn’t know how, it’s just that they are small, can’t speak, cry, poop, and yes, throw up!  The whole thing just makes him uncomfortable.

Which makes it kind of humorous that as a dad, the minute he’d put our first child up to his shoulder to hold him or burp him, our son would throw up all over my husband’s back!!  Who knows?  Maybe that is one of the reasons holding babies makes him uncomfortable!

Nevertheless, that situation never kept him from being a good, caring, participating father.  He was, “in it,” from the get-go.  He sure did enjoy it when they began to grow and be their own little selves, though!  To this day, our sons respect and love their Dad in spite of the fact that they made him uncomfortable with their size and shenanigans as small children.

A couple of weeks ago, our Children’s Church group sang the song, “I Think I’m Gonna Throw Up,” at church. Even though we don’t like to throw up, watch this video of the song, and let throwing up give you a new perspective!  Enjoy!

(Note: This video is not from our church.)

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