One of my 4 Men has a Birthday Today!

This was how he looked when I met him – young and handsome!  Today is his birthday, so I thought, “This blog is for you, Clive Heyd!”

2 kinds of men I did not want to marry:  a farmer or a pastor.  I met Clive and even though terrified, I determined to live the life of a youth pastor’s wife.  He was full of energy, an out of the box, idea kind of guy.  The slightest thing could set him off on a brainstorming session and some really cool things would happen.  Lives were changed through his ministry, as he dove into people and what made them tick.

Three sons blessed our lives.  He changed diapers, did the Daddy thing.  As the boys grew, he took them fishing, laughing about the fish hooks in the ear and nose, stuck in the tree, etc.  He took them on Memorial Day and Labor Day father/son fishing trips, memories to last a lifetime.  He was there for them during the difficult teen years, too.  A great tribute to him is that they still come to him to talk or for advice.

He has worked so hard!  At times, holding down up to 5 jobs at a time, just to put food on our table… No job was beneath him if it meant taking care of his family.  He has done many things that he definitely did not enjoy because he loved us.

Here he is today – older, wiser, a bit more tired.  He is still the good looking guy I met, just grey around the edges!  He is now a Senior Pastor, even though he has nearly always worked with youth thoughout his career.  He is still a hard working man, puts up with a lot of things that no one has any idea about, loves and invests his life into others any time of the day or night, helps untold amounts of people with all kinds of projects, always thinking of how he can help  save someone money if he does it for them.  I have watched him do things that many pastors would think is beneath them.  He continues to be an out of the box thinker, after all of these years.  He still takes our sons on a Memorial Day fishing/camping trip and they are still making memories together.

Clive is a man who loves the Lord and loves his family.  His work ethic and responsibility, loyalty and caring are still some of the things I love most about him.  So today, this tribute is for him!  Happy birthday, babe!  Today is your day and we are going to spoil you a bit.  Thank you for loving me and being the man you are.  God has been keeping your record and so far, I think that your crown is pretty weighted down!

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