Skirt Tails and Blemish Cream

When we lived in Florida, I got ready for work one day, and since my face had broken out badly, I used a blemish cream before leaving for work.  People were so kind to me that day in the store, but it wasn’t until I got home and looked in the mirror that I saw that I hadn’t blended the cream in – I had gone to work with spots of blemish cream all over my face!!!  I looked like I had cream-colored measles!!!!!!!  It took a lot of guts to go back into that store again.

So last Sunday someone complimented me on my skirt.  I  just had to tell them my story, of course!  My skirt, like most of my clothes, are out of date, so I had purchase it several years ago when it was in fashion.  I love it!  It has tails in the front and in the back, but is really frilly, so it makes me feel feminine.

When my parents-in-law had their 50th wedding anniversary celebration, one of the things they did was to take all of their children and we spouses out to dinner at their favorite restaurant.  I wore my skirt with the tails.  Part way through dinner, I had to go to the bathroom, so I excused myself and left.  I didn’t return for quite a while!  Forgetting that my skirt had tails, one of them found their way into the toilet and I spent the next several minutes washing it out, and trying to dry it under the hand blower!!!  So much for wearing tails, at least when you go into the bathroom!

It seems like I am always doing something silly!  I don’t mean to, it just seems to happen – possibly because I’m always in a hurry and don’t take time to make sure I’m doing things correctly.   It’s kind of the same thing with sin.  We can get moving along so fast, wanting to do things so badly that we don’t take the time to read our Bibles or pray or ask God for the guidance that He would give us.  We just go plunging right in, and the next thing you know, we have done something silly.  Only, in God’s sight, that silly thing could be sin.

Here is how the Word explains it:

Romans 7:15-27

15In fact, I don’t understand why I act the way I do. I don’t do what I know is right. I do the things I hate. 16Although I don’t do what I know is right, I agree that the Law is good. 17So I am not the one doing these evil things. The sin that lives in me is what does them.

    18I know that my selfish desires won’t let me do anything that is good. Even when I want to do right, I cannot. 19Instead of doing what I know is right, I do wrong. 20And so, if I don’t do what I know is right, I am no longer the one doing these evil things. The sin that lives in me is what does them.

    21The Law has shown me that something in me keeps me from doing what I know is right. 22With my whole heart I agree with the Law of God. 23But in every part of me I discover something fighting against my mind, and it makes me a prisoner of sin that controls everything I do. 24What a miserable person I am. Who will rescue me from this body that is doomed to die?

Guess what? We don’t have to continue on this way!  The rest of the verse tells us that there is hope:

25Thank God! Jesus Christ will rescue me.

So, maybe slow down a bit.  Take time to talk to God and seek Him in your decisions and actions.  Think it through.  And don’t give up!  God will see you through!

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One Response to Skirt Tails and Blemish Cream

  1. Elayne says:

    Você é única! Eu ri tanto disso….

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