Quiet Gifts

Not sure where she wanted me put, but my sister begged and begged Mom to get me out of our shared room!  You see, if you were to walk into our room, everything belonging to her was in its place, tidy, dust free and neat.  On my side of the room, an explosion always seemed to have gone off!!  In desperation at Mom’s refusal to move me out, my sister taped a line down the middle of our room to separate her side from mine and I was not to cross it nor should any of my belongings be found in it!!!  For her, it was a way to feel like she could separate it and make it look like, “her,” room was tidy.

That is a drastic example of it, but my sister has a NOW quiet gift of housekeeping.  (It wasn’t so quiet back then!)  I have always looked up to her abilities in keeping her home so clean and welcoming.  (My abilities in this area have improved drastically over the years, too, mind you, although I am definitely not gifted in this area!)  She makes sure that her home is always picked up, clean and ready for guests – it gives her joy.  Another quiet gift she has always had is her devotional life.  She would wake early, go outside into the dawn sunlight and worship her Lord and Creator.  It is her example in this area that after many years I was able to get ahold of in my own devotional life.  These things were not broadcast, they just were.

I came home from my Mom’s place the other weekend.  There, sitting on the table, was a gift of bath gels my son had picked up at the fundraiser for the clothing closet at our church.  (Beascloset.org.)  A quiet gift of thoughtfulness.  While taking a bath in those gels this morning before heading to church, I took advantage of the time to read a booklet of articles my aunt had written over the years that her Sunday School class published.  My aunt had a column in a newspaper for years, and has a gift of writing, and her great faith and love for the Lord shout out in those writings.  Yet, she has kept quiet, not boasting, just putting prayer for each reader behind the articles and letting God do His work.  I was overwhelmed with what she wrote, and so proud to claim her as family!  A quiet gift.

Many of you get tired of hearing about my Mom’s unending list of gifts, but one of her most amazing quiet gifts is her gift of helps.  Although many know how much she does for others, very few know the extent of it.  I was touched while sitting at their table over a weekend of meals after one of the pastor’s at Mom’s church had just lost their son, every time Hubert or Mom prayed for  a meal, they didn’t stop to eat until they prayed for the family.  Another weekend, after a family friend had been in a terrible car accident, the same thing happened at every meal.  Quiet, unknown gifts of prayer!

In our church there are so many gifted women!  We have one who never misses an event with a card.  Another one, especially dear to our family, has always treated our sons to cash gifts for birthdays, holidays, and yes, even sometimes Pastor Appreciation!  (No one but our family knew of those quiet gifts over the years!)  What parent is not touched by that kind of thoughtfulness? There is one lady who will come in and work her magic without anyone knowing she has been there, and when we show up at church, a new display has been placed on a bulletin board or greeters stand, or decorations in renovated rooms, etc.  Quiet gifts, done without glory-seeking.

The Bible talks about boasting in this way:

2 Corinthians 10:17

But, “Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.”


Jeremiah 9:24

If they want to brag, they should brag that they understand and know me. They should brag that I, the LORD, act out of love, righteousness, and justice on the earth. This kind of bragging pleases me, declares the LORD.

God loves a humble person – evidenced all through the Bible.  Those whose hearts are to please Him and desire HIS praise and not that of man are the ones who use their gifts quietly, behind the scenes, aiming to please God.  So, what are your quiet gifts?  If you haven’t been using them lately, pull them out, brush them off and serve the Lord behind the scenes.

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