Laughter – the Best Medicine!

Ever have one of those moments where something tickled your funny bone and you started laughing so hard you just couldn’t stop?  I’ve had a few of those, and hope to have more.

  • When my cousin got married, my parents, my younger brother, my sister and I stayed together in a mobile home. Mom and Dad were in the room at the end of the hall, my brother in the middle room, and my sister and I were in a room together.  Somehow, my sister and I got to reminiscing about things, and started cracking up! We laughed and laughed until we couldn’t stop.  Things became funny, no matter what we talked about.  You could hear Mom and Dad laughing a bit, not because we were funny, but because of how hard we were laughing.  All of the sudden, my brother calls out, in a fatherly sounding voice: “Do I have to come down there?”  This, of course, sent us even further into spasms of laughter.  We eventually calmed down and had a good nights sleep and enjoyed the wedding the next day, but it is still a memory I’ll never forget.
  • Growing up in Brazil, a friend of mine and I would get distracted with something during the sermon in church and occasionally, it would give us the giggles.  Because we knew we weren’t to be so sidetracked and that we’d get into trouble if we didn’t stop, we giggled even harder, until we were a distraction to those around us, and all attention would be on us, instead of on my Dad, who was trying to bring the Word.  All of the sudden, there would be dead silence.  Oh, how I hated to look up, knowing that Dad had stopped and would be looking straight at us!  Even though that would straighten us out for the moment, it seemed to happen over and over again through that period of time in my life.
  • A few years ago, my sister and brother-in-law and Clive and myself were traveling together.  We stopped at a rest area.  When my sister and I came out of the Ladies Room, a woman in front of us was walking out the door with a LOOOOOOOONG piece of toilet paper stuck on her.  Well, I lost it!  My sister was trying to shush me, but she caught the fever and there we went!   We knew we had to tell the lady before she went any further, but did so just cracking up!!!  The woman was so appreciative, and actually laughed with us!  By the time we got back to our men, they thought we were completely crazy, watching us laugh so hard…

Laughter is good medicine!  Life is serious, and much of the time, there is so much to do and to take care of that we forget to laugh or to find time to do the things that make laughter possible.  The Bible thought it was important enough to mention the need for it many times.  So, go ahead!  Try it and see if you don’t feel better. I feel better just remembering!

Job 8:21
21 He will once again fill your mouth with laughter
and your lips with shouts of joy.

Proverbs 17:22
22 A cheerful disposition is good for your health;
gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.

Ecclesiastes 3:4
4 A time to cry and a time to laugh.
A time to grieve and a time to dance.

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One Response to Laughter – the Best Medicine!

  1. Elayne says:

    A do papel higiênico…HAHAHAHA, sem comentários!!! Fiquei imaginando a cena….rsss

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