I’ve got a Secret!! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

Secrets are VERY hard to keep!  Anyone else have trouble keeping secrets?  I have had a BIG one, I mean a DOOZY, just burning in me, waiting to break out and let everyone know!  How long will I be able to keep it in?????

In our work, people confide in us all of the time.  They tell us what we can share with others, what we can share with each other, and what is for our ears only – top secret.  If we couldn’t keep those “secrets” private, no one would have any faith in us or in our integrity.

There’s one thing that there is no need in keeping quiet and that is that JESUS LOVES YOU!  He LOVES YOU!  No doubt about it, no messing around with keeping it quiet, He is all about you – He is waiting for you to just come to Him and give him everything.

A – Ask Jesus to come into your life

B – Believe in Him, that He is the Christ, God’s only Son

C – Confess to Him your sin – all of it and that you are sorry for it

That’s it!  Don’t worry about not knowing all about it – just ask Him into your life, put your old ways behind you, and start a fresh, new life with Jesus.  He will be your strength, your rock, your protector and give you joy that you never knew before!!

Oh, by the way – I intend to do the big “REVEAL” on my secret before too long.  Stay tuned! 

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One Response to I’ve got a Secret!! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

  1. Karen says:

    I’ll be watching … hope I don’t miss it!

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