Crafty! (NOT!)

When I was about this age, my Mom decided that I needed to learn how to create items out of nothing – you know, sew, embroidery, cross stitch, etc.  Since my Mom and sister were both such naturally gifted in this area, Mom just couldn’t understand why such simple things were so difficult for me to achieve!

Cross stitch was something I actually was able to learn to some extent, although it ended up being rather grubby by the time I was finished with it!  Embroidery?  Forget about it!!  Just never could get the hang of it.  I’d get so upset trying to separate all of the individual strands BEFORE I even began trying to create something that I definitely was not in the mood to try to push the needle through the cloth and back up in the right spot.  Nevermind the knots and the embroidery hoops!

Mom finally gave up on trying to get this ol’ tomboy to learn how to do much of anything, “crafty,” except sewing.  That was where she drew the line, and so sew I did!  She instructed me to pick one pattern, buy the material, thread and any necessary items and finish the project.  If I did that, I wouldn’t have to do it again.  My Mom is a Class A seamstress!  My, the items she would make were gorgeous in every detail, and perfect in every way.  If there was a design or plaid in the pattern, they always met up exactly!  Now my job was to produce something that would come as close to her expectations as possible.  Oh, boy.

I enjoyed picking out the fabric.  I love green, so I found a light green material with miniature, white dots in it.  Thus began the CREATION OF BARB’S BLOUSE!!  I pinned it to the pattern.  I cut it out, right sides together.  I worked on interfacings, darts, and managed to get the sleeves adjusted and set in correctly.  I worked with my tongue stuck between my teeth.  I grumbled.  I reefed on the material like no seamstress would ever dream of doing!  I would rather be outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Still, I stuck with it, and in a month or two, I had pulled it off – a rather grubby, yet completely finished piece of work!!  To this day, I cannot tell you if I was happier to have accomplished this feat or just for the fact that I was finished with the project and knew I would never have to do another one if I chose not to!  The point was, my Mom had now taught me how to sew, and I had gone solo and survived the awful task!

It’s ironic that today, I love to watch those fashion shows on tv where the designers have to design and create their garments for the runway.  It simply fascinates me how anyone can even think of a way to sew something, then just pick the fabrics and create it out of nowhere! Amazing.

You may wonder why I am thinking about all of this.  This past weekend, one of the ladies in our church who is so very gifted, genius really, in crafts, created something fabulous from just an idea my husband had in his head!!  He told her what he was thinking, she went out and looked for the options with which to make it, and here is what came of that creativeness:

It is for the church roof fundraising project.  As the money comes in to replace the roof, shingles will be added to the roof of the church on the bulletin board.  Brilliant, isn’t it?

This coming Sunday, Clive is having all of the adults in the service fill out a Spiritual Gifts Survey.  Many have never done this before.  It has got me thinking of how the Bible tells us that we all have different gifts, that we are all different, and that we need to use our God-given talents for God.

Now I may not be good at crafts, (the thought of scrapbooking nearly gives me panic attacks!) but there are other things that God has gifted me with, should I choose to pay attention to them.

And my mother? Even though she stopped trying to get me to do some of the things that came so easily to her, she has been my number 1 cheerleader and encourager – she sees the good in what I do and makes sure to always point it out and to tell me how proud she is of me.  No, I cannot do most of what she can, but she has encouraged me my entire life to do the best I can at whatever I put my hand to.  She believes in me.  Because of that, I have been successful at some things I never would have thought possible!

God is the same, and in fact, even better.  He doesn’t make me feel bad about the things I cannot do, but cheers me on in the areas He has gifted me and encourages me to always give of my best no matter the task!

1 Peter 4:10

10Each of you has been blessed with one of God’s many wonderful gifts to be used in the service of others. So use your gift well.

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2 Responses to Crafty! (NOT!)

  1. Annette Woosnam says:

    What a wonderful story of mother and daughter thanks for the lession you have tought me something new that i never experience as a child God bless

  2. Lynn McMonigal says:

    I can get creative words, but Karen is creative with STUFF!!!!!

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