Embarrassing Moments…

Do you think that it’s because I was born on April Fool’s Day?

It seems that I was created to have many embarrassing moments.  Take today, for instance.   Since it was my first Sunday in a long while to be upstairs for worship service at church, instead of downstairs in Children’s Church, I decided to dress up.  I even wore high heels!  As church neared the end, I saw a dangling thread handing out of my right arm pit – as I reached up to see what was going on there, to my dismay, I found that it had unraveled and I had a rather large opening in my arm seam, gaping for all behind me to see.  Figuring I could do nothing about it, I waited until after church and told the lady who sat next to me about it.  She said, “Oh, yes!  You also have a large rip in the middle of the back of your top!”  When I got home to check it out, it is ruined beyond repair.  I got to chuckling at myself, thinking I had dressed up for service, only to realize that everyone who sat behind me saw more of me than I really wanted them to!

Then there was the time when I had washed my coat and left it in the dryer.  I needed to run some errands and grocery shop, so quickly grabbed my coat from the dryer and headed out the door to get it over with.  I hit at least 5 stores, plus the grocery store, then headed home.  When I took off my coat and hung it up, I saw a pair of black lace panties clinging to the velcro on the back of my coat.  Here I had been all over town with those clinging to me!!!

A non-forgettable moment from childhood was going as a family to the Opera House.  We dressed up in our finest, off to hear a concert pianist, a rare treat for our family.  We had seats in our own little alcove in the balcony.  I enjoyed tipping my wicker backed chair onto two legs, and my mother kept telling me to set it down on all 4 and act like a lady.  Unfortunately for me, as I tipped my chair back onto the back 2 legs one more time, my chair fell completely over, and even more unfortunately, it fell during a pause in the music!  The crash resounded through the entire Opera House – (after all, the place was made for great acoustics!) – and every head turned around and up to see who in the world would upset such a special event in such a way. To this day, I hope that not too many could see my undignified sprawl all over the balcony that night!

It’s not that I mean to be such a mess or an embarrassment to those around me!  Just the opposite – I would rather fade into the woodwork than to have people notice me!

I don’t mind making people laugh, even if  it is at my expense, as laughter is good medicine.  However, one reason I do not mind being a fool is in I Corinthians 4:10, “We are fools for Christ’s sake.” Paul isn’t insulting our faith. He’s saying that God’s ways are often not our ways. And that God’s ways will often appear foolish in the world’s eyes.

Think of Jesus’ most distinctive teachings:
– if someone strikes you, turn the other cheek
– if someone asks you to walk a mile with them, go two
– if someone asks you for your shirt, give him your jacket, too
– love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you

Only a fool would believe those things! And only a Fool for Christ would try to live ‘em out!

And there’s more!
– if you lose your life for God’s sake, you’ll gain it
– the greatest among you is the servant of all.
– there is freedom in obedience
– there is God in the poor, in the “least of these”
– there is salvation in a man dying on a Cross
– there is assurance of heaven because 2000 years ago that Man got up again.

So your assignment this week is to be a fool. In fact, if we’re doing it right, a person without faith, should look at our lives and occasionally say, “Boy, that doesn’t make sense. Why do they do that? That’s foolish.”

So go out this week, and strive to do something foolish!

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7 Responses to Embarrassing Moments…

  1. Lynn McMonigal says:

    oh, Barb!!!! I might be able to make some novel scenes out of this!!!!

  2. Pam says:

    Ah, you lighten my day! Keep glowing.

  3. Julia says:

    Aunt Barb-You should send this into Guideposts or something! You are a natural writer 🙂

  4. Karen M Sexton says:

    Here I’m downstairs doing WKFM, and you do a show. Love ya Barb.

  5. Dorothy Downey says:

    Oh, Barb, I chuckled all the way through this article. These things could only happen to you! Thanks for sharing these moments with us! We will look forward to hearing more from your experiences Love you, A.Dorothy

  6. Mamma T says:

    You are so wonderful…….and funny. What an amazing combination!

  7. Elayne says:

    Concordo e assino em baixo dos comentários acima!
    Barbara, já pensou em escrever um livro? Você é excelente! Eu já me diverti tanto conhecendo suas histórias…as calcinhas de renda preta, sua queda da cadeira….entre outras hahahaha…Você é espetacular!!!

    Você é única, seu modo de falar, pensar, agir…e olha que eu não lhe conheço pessoalmente e nem convivo com você, mas sem saber já me ensinou tanto! Eu a admiro de mais…Os poucos dias que passarei com você serão um aprendizado para minha vida, com certeza! E ainda diz que não sabe falar para muitas pessoas…imagine!!! HAHAHA!

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